Tutti a bordo del treno-party!

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Il trasporto pubblico è triste. Aggiungi un po' di musica per una corsa a suon di rock.

Ordinary gigs are boring: Lights, smoke machines, security guards, encores. Yawn. It's all so predictable. Musicians here in Melbourne prefer to stop traffic with their music. Here, we're disrupting typical tram traffic with pop-up concerts.

Called tram sessions, these gigs are unexpected and on the move. It starts when a crowd gathers at a tram stop where there's something hidden among the crowd of waiting commuters.

When the tram arrives, the band and crew jump on flash-mob style. The car pulls away from the stop, and the music begins. At first the other riders are confused-a jam session isn't part of the usual commute.

These aren't buskers hustling you for money or ticket inspectors checking your validation, they're After Hours Athletes looking to lift the mood from dull to thrill. And before the first chorus drops, our formerly bored commuters have already removed their earbuds, dropped their phones into pockets, and embraced their new on-board entertainment.

Rocking beats to get you from A to B. Added bonus? You'll arrive in a much better mood.

They don't last long, but public transport will never be the same again. Keep your ears and eyes open-you never know when your tram will turn into a rolling club.

Photos courtesy of Shannon Crane.