I B Boys si scatenano a Delhi

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Giorno e notte, i B Boys scaldano gli animi con uno stile di breakdance mai visto prima in India.

The after-hours scene in India has always been in lockstep with hip-hop culture, and lately there’s been an explosion of graffiti, DJs, MCs, and B Boys.

Our favourite addition to the mix? Breakdancing. B Boys across the country-in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengalaru, Aizwal, Pune, and Chennai-are forming crews and putting on informal shows both in and outside of clubs, pubs, and even out on the streets.

The other evening, we caught Paritosh Parmar and his underdog kombat crew break it down with a deadly array of moves -toprock, downrock, power moves, freezes, back flips, headstands, body spins. Sure, B Boy culture may have originated in the U.S., but our local crews are putting their own spin on it. Taking cues from jazz, capoeira, tap, and even our native yoga, B-Boys here are blending a world's worth of dance genres against a steady groove.

Crews credit Facebook for making it easier to connect with other dancers and ever-growing audiences. They're getting together to practice and battle for two to three hours each day-and they want to show off their skills. Lucky us. We recommend finding a local session and seeing the action for yourself, but if you can't, check out the Indian edition of Battle of the Year (BOTY) or some of the latest films out of Bollywood featuring B Boy routines.

To find out more about the growing B Boy scene, check out Parmar’s website, totheculture.com (TTC).

Photos courtesy of underdog kombat crew