Tavole lunghe in giro per Varsavia

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Il longboard non è più un'esclusiva degli hipster. In Polonia sta conquistando la scena dello street racing.

We don't know what they've put in the water, but this year longboarding has exploded across Poland. We're talking everywhere and with everyone: from schoolgirls to suits. Not content to simply be part of the crowd, After Hours Athletes in Warsaw figured out how to take it to the next level.

It's called Longboard Doping. You can forget California-style chill rides by the beach. (Partly because Warsaw isn't exactly known for its beaches-it's known for its hills.) In Longboard Doping, riders fly down hills at top speed. Think of as a soap-box race without the soap box. Don't worry-we always wear our helmet.

This year the competition, and the ride, was rough. Over 200 longboarders participated and riders reached speeds of 60 km/h-that's the speed limit in Warsaw. For cars. Like we said, this is the next level.

If you're not ready for the big leagues, don't worry. This past summer a longboard "school" opened up in downtown Warsaw. For ten euros an hour you can get private lessons. Even if you've been on a skateboard before, a quick lesson can help you unlearn your bad habits before hitting the hills. You won't get a diploma, but having learned the coolest way to ride, do you really need one?

So drink the water and hit the streets with us.

Photos courtesy of Eugenijus Barzdžius.