Collezione Mihara Yasuhiro Primavera-Estate 2013

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The Tour de Nerd

Poche cose affascinano davvero Mihara Yasuhiro: i raggi di una bicicletta, la struttura di uno zaino, le tenute mimetiche. Lo portano a spingersi oltre i confini, gli stereotipi e le proporzioni. Modificano il suo linguaggio creativo e liberano la sua fluidità verso l'insolito e il particolare.

This season is no exception. He celebrates cycling within the realm of Otaku-Japanese for individuals with obsessive, geeky hobbies. Designs are constructed for the nerd within the peloton of daily commuters. Materials are technical: high density and lightweight, transparent yet waterproof. Bags reconfigure panniers, equipping rucksacks with stools. Footwear is reinvented with fully reflective, one-piece molded constructions. And then, he slaps typically muted cityscapes with a brighter, more comical camouflage: the UnCAMO graphic print exposes rather than hides. It's an intentional shift so typical of Mihara: manipulating the mundane, toying with convention, and starting an inside joke among the outsiders from Tokyo to Timbuktu.

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