Eventi PUMA YARD domenica 12 agosto

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Il resoconto quotidiano del divertimento a Brick Lane

This is it. The end of the road. Today we close out the PUMA YARD. But first: an all-out reggae-afro sound clash with bass so badass-they'll feel it back in Kingston. Thanks for the good times. Walk good.*

Everyone Can Bolt Speed Test: Race against your mates.

Jillionaire, PUMA Social Club’s resident DJ: Spinning the smoothest beat blends this side of the Thames.

Closing Party with Norman Jay and Rodigan: The PUMA YARD wraps up 2+ weeks of partying with the ultimate sound clash.

Please remember that separate tickets are required for entry to the PUMA YARD and the PUMA Social Club.


*Patois for “Take care.”


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