Fai da cavaliere a Lexi Thompson al ballo

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Se fai parte dell'esercito e hai tra i 18 e i 20 anni sei fortunato! Potresti essere tu ad accompagnare Lexi Thompson al ballo!

Lexi Thompson just finished up the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic in 2nd place and now she's looking for a prom date. 

Excited for her High School Prom, Lexi decided she wanted to honor US Military Troops and attend prom with someone in the Military.

Military men between the ages of 18 and 20 can go to Lexi's Facebook page http://bit.ly/IBrQvW and upload their stories. Fans will then vote on who they think should take Lexi to prom. A winner will be announced in early May and be flown out to Florida for Lexi's prom. 

Even if you aren't in the Military, make sure you head over to Lexi's page and vote on who you want to take Lexi to prom!