Diario fotografico della Maratona di Londra di Susan Partridge

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As PUMA Runner Susan Partridge prepares for the London Marathon on Sunday, April 21, 2013, she shares some photos from her week leading up to the big race.

RACE DAY | Sunday, April 21

Susan smashed her personal best today running 2:30:46. She was the first British woman to finish and has qualified for the World Championships in Moscow later this year.

Susan Race Day

Saturday, April 20

I'm mostly resting and fueling up today, but did have a half hour to visit team PUMA at the marathon expo today.

Susan Partridge Marathon Expo

Friday, April 19

I've arrived in London now and having a pasta lunch with fellow Brit Amy Whitehead. Did my last run this morning so it's all about getting plenty rest now.

Susan Partridge Photo 4

Thursday, April 18

Getting ready for my penultimate run. I listen to music much more on my runs as the marathon gets closer. I have a play list that I started in 2010 that I add to every year. The first tune is the Rocky theme song.

Susan Last Long Run


Wednesday, April 17

Sorting out my energy drinks and gels. I like green tea flavour because it's not too sweet and it's easy to stomach - even after 20 miles.

Susan Patridge Running Gels


Tuesday, April 16

Last early morning run with my favorite training partner before Sunday. My thoughts were very much in Boston on this morning's run.

Susan Patridge and Running Buddy