A Dubai la festa non finisce mai

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Dal dolce fino all'alba, gli atleti dell'after-hour a Dubai vanno fino ai limiti. Ci siamo messo in contatto con il nostro corrispondente locale per scoprire come resistere fino all'alba in questo paradiso urbano di sabbia.

We admit it. Sometimes a night of epic proportion is seriously overdue. And what better city to seek some over-the-top fun than Dubai? From 4WD dune bashing to indoor snowboarding 25 stories high, this is an after-hours adventure that you and your fellow teammates won't forget anytime soon.

Where to begin? Smack right in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf is the offshore circular bar 360°. This is not just another sunset at the beach, amigos, it's where we'll be sipping down some of the best drinks in Dubai while being stunned with the killer panorama views. As the sun fizzles into the gulf waters, it's time to say a quick farewell and hail a taxi (it'll be right outside the Burj Al Arab hotel next to the bar) and make our way for the desert. In just 20 minutes, our inner extreme-adventure demon will come out as we fly across the red sandy dunes under the Bedouin skies.

There are only two things we need to remember right before we go desert duning (or “wadi bashing” as we call it here): 1) Strap ourselves in; 2) This will be the best time we’ve ever had in a 4WD.

After the engines are shut down and our teammates have shaken out all the sand, we’ll head on over to the Lebanese food joint Zaatar W Zeit and chow down on saj (aka the most delicious cheesy flatbread ever). Staying fuelled is key because Ski Dubai, the world's largest indoor ski slope, is our next destination….and it's right next-door. With five indoor slopes, including a black run for our more advanced teammates (we'll stick to the snowboard stunt park), all we have to do is rent some gear and we're knee-deep in powder in minutes.

When the slopes close at the midnight hour, we’ll shed the winter wonderland rags and get warmed right back up on the beach (just a 10 minute cab ride) at the Barasti Bar. At this chilled-out wooden beach bar, we can throw back a few beers and wait for hunger to strike again (and it will with all that wadi bashing and powder shredding) before making a beeline over to Ravi. Open 24 hours, this foodie institution has some of the best curry plates around.

And just like that, it’s back to the beach to salute the sun as it rises over the Gulf. As for those teammates that still have one last hurrah in them, there are the always-entertaining camel races that start at the tracks at 7 am…yalla!

Top photo credit: "Burj Al Arab" (c) 2008 buggolo disponibile su licenza Creative Commons..

Middle photo credit: "Dubai Dune bash 104" (c) 2008 britrob disponibile su creative commons license.

Bottom photo credit: "at the top of ski dubai" (c) 2007 jonrawlinson disponibile su creative commons license.