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Avanti, dai una marcia in più al tuo abbigliamento "smart casual"

We’ve spent some time with Sir Westdale S Mid and we have to say: this gent knows a thing or seven. For starters, he's fluent in several languages. Not least of which are French and Brooklynese. He also dabbles in vintage motorcycle restoration. On Tuesdays, he hits underground music scenes in search of Motown. On Thursdays, he builds up his bowtie collection. Every day, he works on his mustache.

The Westdale has no time for fussing and no love for over-doing it. He keeps his suede-and-leather stacked style simple: vulcanized, classic, oxford-y. He's well-groomed. Super brogued. The sort of guy you could introduce to your grandmother and she'd say something along the lines of "what a nice boy, that Westdale."

Oh, and on Saturdays, he gets his swerve on. (What? Did you think we meant "perfect" when we said "gentleman"?)